It doesn’t look like much on a map, in fact, when I moved here from Florida my friends thought I moved out into the middle of nothing! Little did they know, Greeley is 3 times the size of the town I moved here from. We are a town of 100,000 with more moving in everyday. Greeley is the county seat and most populated city in Weld county and we live on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. How lucky can a woman get? We are 50 miles north of Denver and 60 miles south of Cheyenne Wyoming. The Rocky Mountain national park is just a hop skip and jump from our house, so we are in a very good location here.



Everything is within a couple of miles from home. My property line backs up to Dairy Queen if you can believe that! We even have a gate that opens up to what will soon be their parking lot! They are in the middle of a remodel at the moment and when they are done, they will be my favorite neighbor! There is a Safeway a block away with a strip mall and other grocery stores around the town. We have 2 Safeways, 3 King Soopers ( that is Colorado’s Kroger) 2 Walmarts, clothing stores, shoes stores, hardware stores, you name it, we probably have it! Downtown is kinda nice. It’s old school if you know what I mean.


Did you know we are also a college town? Well we are! The University of Northern Colorado is right here in Greeley! The college was established April 1st 1889. It’s previous name was Colorado State but was changed in 1970.